Citromed® Oxygen

Disinfectant powder with active oxygen

Citromed Oxygen is a safe and effective system for producing high-level decontaminating, disinfecting, virucidal and disinfectant solutions (cold sterilizers).

WARNING: the texts in this sheet are to be considered descriptive and not specialist. To obtain all the in-depth information and technical-scientific characteristics, we suggest you download the package insert, technical data sheet and/or safety data sheet for this product.

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CitroMed Oxygen is a medical device for the disinfection and decontamination of reusable medical devices.

An active powder that originates disinfecting and cleaning solutions for medical devices such as surgical instruments, including dental instruments, endoscopes, bronchoscopes, laparoscopes, breathing tubes, and anesthesia equipment.

How does it work?

Citromed Oxygen svolge un’azione battericida e detergente, potenziata dalla presenza di cariche enzimatiche che disgregano i residui organici, con un effetto anticorrosivo antiridepositante.

È attivo contro virus (HIV, HBV, HCV, Poliovirus), spore (Bacillus subtilis), funghi (Candida albicans), batteri Gram-positivi (Staphylococcus aureus), batteri Gram-negativi (Pseudomonas aeruginosa), bacilli acido-resistenti (Mycobacterium avium-complex).

Oltre all’acido peracetico (ossigeno attivo), contiene enzimi che hanno la funzione di scomporre il materiale organico sullo strumentario e tensioattivi anionici-nonionici che ne facilitano la rimozione.

How to use?

Citromed Oxygen is used by diluting it in tap water following this procedure:

pour the dose of Citromed Oxygen into the water (start activation)
stir until most of the powder is dissolved (2-3 minutes minimum)
wait 10 minutes (30 minutes high cold sterilising disinfection) for the activation to consolidate
The solution is now ready to be used. The contact time of the devices to be disinfected with the Citromed Oxygen solution can vary from 5 to 10 minutes (10 minutes for high cold sterilizing disinfection). Remove instruments from the solution using aseptic technique and rinse them with sterile distilled water.


Follow the directions on the label and consult the safety data sheet. Keep container tightly closed, away from moisture and heat sources.