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Sanitas Farmaceutici
An Italian pharmaceutical company always committed to research

Sanitas Farmaceutici is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1931 and based in Tortona, in the province of Alessandria: it deals with the development, formulation, and production of products and therapeutic solutions for health and well-being, from infancy to advanced age.

Sanitas products can be found in pharmacies throughout Italy and are also marketed abroad. The main sectors are: nutraceuticals and food supplements, medical devices, drugs, and disinfectants.

Sanitas Farmaceutici operates through its scientific representatives throughout the country, visiting general practitioners, specialists, and hospital doctors, to contribute to the technical and scientific updating of all those involved in safeguarding public health

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Ethics, innovation and responsibility
Research to improve quality of life

Sanitas Farmaceutici is committed every day to responding to people’s desire for health. A concept, that of “health”, which today extends to the meaning of obtaining and maintaining an excellent quality of daily life.

Attention to human well-being – from childhood to old age – is, therefore, the focus of our research strategies, business management, and commercial proposition. Choosing quality of life as the cornerstone principle underpinning the business implies imprinting the entire structure of the company on ethical and responsible business management.

Only in this way can we consolidate processes and habits that allow us to create long-term value, enabling us to focus on our priorities: scientific research and the constant improvement of human resources. It is the latter, with the daily contribution of their skills, that realize the deepest added value of our company.

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Update and method
Certified high standards

The Sanitas Farmaceuticals method involves in-house care from the earliest stages of product development through to formulation. Industrial production is carried out strictly in Italy, respecting the highest standards of quality and safety and applying certified methodologies, in accordance with current regulations.

Products on the market are constantly monitored through our traceability system and customer satisfaction questionnaires to verify their quality and efficacy and to ensure constant improvement and the absence of side effects.

The aim is to provide – both to health professionals and the end customer – safe, healthy, effective and risk-free products that can be purchased in pharmacies and via the web.

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