Sanisteril® Ferri Alcolico

Alcoholic disinfectant for medical devices

Sanisteril Ferri Alcoholic Disinfectant is a ready-to-use alcoholic disinfectant solution based on ethyl alcohol and benzalkonium chloride, two antiseptic and antimicrobial active ingredients, useful for disinfecting medical devices.



WARNING: the texts in this sheet are to be considered descriptive and not specialist. To obtain all the in-depth information and technical-scientific characteristics, we suggest you download the package insert, technical data sheet and/or safety data sheet for this product.

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Sanisteril Ferri Alcolico is indicated for the disinfection of invasive and non-invasive surgical medical devices.

How does it work?

The combination of ethyl alcohol and benzalkonium chloride exerts a synergistic germicidal effect, such that the product can be considered an intermediate-level disinfectant suitable for the treatment of invasive and non-invasive medical and surgical devices.

The product formulation has no oxidizing action. Its use in its pure state has no corrosive effects on washable and disinfectable medical devices.

How to use?

Sanisteril Ferri Alcolico is a ready-to-use solution: it does not require dilution.

It should be used on the affected surfaces by spraying, wetting, or dipping, with a minimum contact time of 10 minutes.

In case of use with supports such as cloths or others, use only if clean, made of suitable material (e.g. TNT), and compatible with the instrument to be treated.

When used on a tray, the solution should not be exposed to air and should be renewed once contaminated.

On invasive medical devices, rinse thoroughly after treatment and read the manual of the device to be disinfected.

For aseptic storage of instruments, clean, rinse and dry them before disinfecting. Soak time should be extended as necessary.

Remove instruments aseptically from the solution and rinse them

thoroughly with sterile water. Solutions should be renewed daily


Sanisteril Ferri Alcolico is a flammable product. Store the container tightly closed at room temperature in a ventilated place and away from sources of heat, flames, and sparks.

Wear protective gloves and protect your eyes and face. In case of skin contact, immediately remove all contaminated clothing. Rinse skin.